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Episode 46 – “Germs of Endearment” – available now! (UPDATED!)

At last, Episode 46, Germs of Endearment is now available! The Pygmies face a pair of enemies: a disease, and its cure!

A chute in the locust room leads our heroes into the Plague Chamber.  In the Chamber is a Fountain, in which you can drop a Pygmy, at which point he starts splashing around happily! Unfortunately, the Pygmies didn’t pay close attention to the skulls above the fountain and thus didn’t realize their new “wading pool” is full of germs and disease. Once you take the Pygmy out, he gets sicker and sicker… occasionally infecting other Pygmies until he does so… until he eventually dies! The only way to get rid of the Pygmy’s body is to sacrifice him on the campfire on T-Rex Island, which will allow him to regenerate properly. But can you do it without the other Pygmies becoming infected?

However, it doesn’t have to be that way! If you drop a Pygmy down the chute in the Plague Chamber, he arrives in the Purification Room, with a shiny Purification Fountain as its centerpiece. Dunk a Pygmy into this fountain, and he’s healed immediately with maximum sparkliness.

However, once you remove him, you discover he may have been healed a bit too much. He becomes a rampant germophobe, “purifying” other Pygmies in his path! Eventually, the cure may purify the Pygmy right out of existence!

Included with this update is Aaron Blecha’s Monster Pack! One of our favorite artists went into full-monster mode to design this wild and weird new skinpack! The volcano becomes a lava-spewing Kraken, the meteor transforms into a furry ball of horror, the T-Rex egg into a booger, the outhouse into a hungry monster (oof), and much more! 

Check it out now! And thanks again, folks, for your continued support of all things Pocket God.

UPDATE: Kotaku has a review of the new update which includes our “Friendly” new promo video!

> > Go have a look! < <

  • Scarabee

    Why is there no Android updates? :,( I’ve waited a long time please Bolt Please…

  • Sho

    Shame on your Bolt Creative! No Word about the Android update?

  • Asaf

    Android update Please. Why you are not commenting about it? :-(

  • A

    Android update pleaseeeeeeee!

  • fishbumbanana

    check the bug room

  • Other apps update with ios 4, even today, maybe it’s an apple conspiracy

  • Liz

    I have the iOS 6.0 update, but the new pocket god update still won’t work. It says it updated, but the tube from the dance room is not there. Is there any way to fix this problem?

  • braxton

    i pod does not have the update is there anyone that can help me?

  • When will it be updated on Android? Pocket God is the best game I played, but I’m feeling somewhat abbandoned after looking to iOS updates… I also would like to play Uranus one as well.

  • baboom

    the baby pigmy has to poop when its infected

  • TheDdog

    Have an infected guy fish, then move him off the fishing poll. The poll will now be infected. Now put a normal guy on the poll, so he catches the plauge

  • Hi

    I killed the T.Rex in one spear throw! Awesome!

  • Jtm01

    I love new update but when will the runs and the new update for journey to Uranus going to come out?

  • stnc199

    I’m a bit frustrated because I can’t update pocket god. It’s not compatible with my iOS (I have 4.2.1). Could you do sth for it in the next update?

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