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Time is running out! The BLIND BOX BONANZA contest ends Tuesday, December 11!

Christmas is not the only thing approaching quickly! Next Tuesday, December 11, is the last day for you to submit your entry for the Blind Box Bonanza contest! Show us your creativity with your Pocket God Blind Box figure pictures! Show us how cool and crazy all Pocket God fans are! SHOW US THE PYGMY!

> > Click here for more details on the contest! < <

Remember, send your pictures to:


Include in the email your name, address, email address and phone number. Again, there’s no limit to how often you can enter, and there’s no purchase necessary!

Remember, Mysterio Minis and the 7-inch vinyl figures are available at Barnes and Noble as well as the Pocket Shop!

For the official contest rules, click > > HERE < < .

  • astfaefe


  • Merlin

    Okay I really want you guys to put pocket god
    Free for a day you guys haven’t put this game free for about five years
    Please put it free I beg you

  • Duke. Maddox

    Girl pygmys are coming. This is going to
    be so much awesome

  • Pocket god rules

    I don’t have any sound on my pocket god ever since I got the new apocalypse ow! Update

  • OogaHooga

    GOOD. We don’t need fake troll fans like u. And u didn’t have to be rude

  • OogaHooga

    Screw you, I’m leaving this blog and never commenting again!

  • Drek95

    Thanks! :)


    Haha very funny. I’m going by a new name so ppl know who the first true oogahooga is

  • God

    It’s all good. I forgive you. Go in peace

  • Drek95

    Sorry, I did it for mistake.

  • OogaHooga

    Stop taking my name!

  • nooby

    Why did u vote up ur own comment?

  • Drek95

    They have almost finished the update for pocket god, they won’t update Journey to Uranus till theyr new game, The Runs, is completed, and, they don’t work directly on this site. They have some staff members that only work on it. So, they ARE updating Pocket God right now.

  • oogahoogalikesD

    How about instead of working so hard on merchandise, u update ur games. All of them

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