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New Pocket God/Funko toy commercial!

We’ve got a brand new web ad out there, letting people know of Funko’s awesome Pocket God figures! Enjoy!

Thanks to Scott Young Media for the great video, and Marc Cholette for the audio and voice work!

  • nokidding

    OMG what happened to the girl sun?!?! she got taken and i need to know if i can get her back, of IF!!

  • epicepicman

    That commercial was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen on youtube in a long time. XD

  • Thais

    I loved this puppetsand tried to buy, but dont have ship for here. How do I get? Ilive in Brazil

  • Bethany cabezas

    How do u keep the girl

  • Drek95

    Thanks Bolt! There is always someone who can’t understand these things…

  • When i said I coulnd’t wait for the apocalypse, i meant the UPDATE not the actual one.

  • I can’t wait for the apocalypse. I am almost screaming with excitement!

  • Bolt Creative

    Hey, it’s different people working on the games and the merchandise. And you wouldn’t want the merch people be helping out with the game, believe me.

    Pocket God recently had a huge update, and, as we blogged about this weekend, we have another major one coming very soon! So not to worry.

    The Runs was always scheduled for Q1 2013 and it’s going to be awesome! Thanks for your patience and we hope you’ll have fun with the apocalypse.

  • YourMom

    Again with the merchandise. Update ur freaking games. The runs is almost a year late. Journey to Uranus is dead. But at least I can get a new shirt with a Pygmy on it …

  • Juscon22

    ……. What did I just watch?

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