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Reviews of “The Perfect Swarm”!

We’ve gotten a couple of reviews in already, and we thought we’d share!

Intomobile‘s Dusan Belic has a fairly lengthy take on our “buggy” (but in a good way) update! We love any review that begins with “Stop everything you’re doing and grab Pocket God if you still haven’t.” Thanks very much, Dusan!

> > Read the review here! < <

148 Apps‘ Rob Rich rings in with a cool review of his own! It’s good to see he enjoys the Mondo Pack. It gives us a chance to give another shoutout to Josh Ellingson for the design!

> > Read the review here! < <

We’re especially gratified people are enjoying this new update, because, as you know, it’s part of a bigger, more monumental, arc and one thing we like to do is think epic! It’s good to see that approach is paying off. Thanks, everyone!

  • Jackel26

    You promised us an update once a week! I came with some names for ome pygmys if you want to hear them.

  • Jackel26

    Death Famine Pestilence and War are sooooo going to be added at one point


    If the last episode is the apocalypsis.. And its going to go out on december… Imagine how long we would havento wait to get the update… From now on there will be 6 updates … Ohh wait a moment… If the update is going out on the december.. That means the updates will now have to go faster now that they must reach december on the last one… Usually an update comesmout every two month… Now bolt creative must publish the updates every a month and a half or even a month! This is gonna be great!

  • Bones123

    Now we wont a JtU update!!!

  • Dylan

    The updates awesome guys! are you gonna keep adding rooms to the temple?
    I also think it would be cool if you could post the stories you make so other people can see them on pocket god

  • Jackel26

    Epic work on the perfect swarm

  • Jackel26

    One update is going to have female pygmys. I mean what more apocalyptic to a bunch of guys living with only guys in a guy “paradise” then a bunch of girls. No offense to the female gender.

  • weger

    and just out of curiosity how close are you guys to finishing the runs in pocket god

  • weger

    not in multiplayer but in story mode i am

  • TribeNickNack

    Yeah, I know. I have Stumbleupon and Stumbleupon knows EVERYTHING.
    But nooooo, it’s seven MONTHS ago. But in any case, you’re close enough.
    Sort of.

  • Ninjakirbyshroom

    they figured they could just find a bigger rock later

  • Thatoneguy

    Also more importantly the Mayans never said the world would end. Their calendar just happens to end in 2012. I had to end sometime considering they were wiped out. Ppl are making a big deal for nothing. But yeah. There’s some random useless facts for ya.

  • Thatoneguy

    Is any one else getting weird glitches when trying to do a multiplayer battle?

  • Tribe Ooga Hooga

    Yeah there doing the whole Apocolyse thing as a joke every one knows there is no such thing as the 2012 apocalypse for instance the maiins did not have leap years so really the end of the world should have happened according to my friend 7 years ago

  • TribeNickNack

    You totally deserve the awesome reviews, dudes! This was an awesome update!
    One thing. I poked around the review site and found out exactly when the clock on the temple is ticking down to. Is that true, that it’s going to run out at THAT EXACT TIME?
    That would be pretty great. ^^

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