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Reviews of “The Perfect Swarm”!

We’ve gotten a couple of reviews in already, and we thought we’d share!

Intomobile‘s Dusan Belic has a fairly lengthy take on our “buggy” (but in a good way) update! We love any review that begins with “Stop everything you’re doing and grab Pocket God if you still haven’t.” Thanks very much, Dusan!

> > Read the review here! < <

148 Apps‘ Rob Rich rings in with a cool review of his own! It’s good to see he enjoys the Mondo Pack. It gives us a chance to give another shoutout to Josh Ellingson for the design!

> > Read the review here! < <

We’re especially gratified people are enjoying this new update, because, as you know, it’s part of a bigger, more monumental, arc and one thing we like to do is think epic! It’s good to see that approach is paying off. Thanks, everyone!

  • Cmac91

    The sun falling.

  • Kuyods

    What about the runs

  • TribeOogaHooga

    I used to back when I was a child. But I grew up and realized that it was was dumb.

  • Romstefguy

    If you don’t like it, then why do you watch it? :b

  • TribeOogaHooga

    The annoying orange sucks. It’s not funny

  • Romstefguy

    Its Romstefguy. I Just misd the last word

  • Romstef

    Coud you doo a cros ovr with Annoying Orange???
    Prety plis?????

  • Jackel26

    Quite frankly you have no respect whatsoever if you go about insulting complete strangers. Also that’s low just plain low.

  • Alondini

    Mejor que Maten a una chica en las historietas cuando su joya esté arreglada. Sería divertido ya que solo matan a Los chicos.

  • Tribe Ooga Hooga

    I thought you quit and went NickNack you jerk

  • Anonymous

    You should really add a radioactive chamber for the next update. It would be really cool if you could affect the pygmies with the radiation (make them grow another arm, get bigger, etc.). :)
    Anyways, the update was nice, I loved it.

  • TribeOogaHooga

    Heyyy guys im sooooo clever. I’m gonna repeat lyrics to the update song! No ones ever done that. Add females add females add females!! It’s soooo important that I need to ask every single day!! Seriously. Those posts are getting annoying

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