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Homing in on the Holidays!

Here’s wishing all you awesome Pocket God fans all the fishiest riches for 2015! Thanks again for all your support and enthusiasm!

  • Veronica Nash

    Please Update the game on Android! All of us are tired of not having any new episodes. Either I want a refund or Update the Game! Trust me, you will get a lot more customers and many more good reviews.

  • Drek95

    Well, they were obviously going to use PureHell… ;)

  • Pain Drain
  • Chris

    Add a update for android

  • Wild Wolf

    Man, why are all the trolls coming here now? Why can’t they just go back to youtube where all the other trolls dwell?

  • Drek95

    Ah, don’t worry, probably just another troll, if he doesn’t even explain his reasons.
    Anyway, Happy 2015 everyone! :)

  • Wild Wolf

    How so?

  • Jake

    What a bad game

  • Drek95

    Merry Fishmas to you, Bolt!
    And, Happy Hanucoconut! ;)

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