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A pygmy unboxing, and more from Allan

Happy President’s Day to everyone in the United States! Allan has some more to say about the current enterprise he’s working on, but first: a Mysterio Mini Pygmy unboxing!

And now, a word from Allan:

Last week, I pushed through my favorite part of this work: the user interface. In case it’s not obvious, that is sarcasm. Dave laid out somewhere around a thousand windows and screens for me to work on. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. A very slight exaggeration.

Anyway, Dave then suggested it to be all animated and fancy (the original Pocket God UI was really simple) with whooshes and zipping windows and pretty buttons, and then in the same breath said it couldn’t take up too much graphic space in the app. Business as usual.

Keep reading for more updates!

  • Ethan Max


    this isnt the runs you are talking about.

  • blank

    so this isnt the runs you are talking about. has that been shelved?

  • Poor you… living in snow, snow, and more snow! There is hardly any snow today where I live. :P

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