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Reviews of ‘Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes’ are in!

Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes is now available from the iTunes app store, and the reviews are already coming in!

Here’s one from TouchArcade:

It holds up its end in both single-player and multiplayer, when most other options drop the ball on one or the other. … It’s a lot of fun to play with friends, and it’s a good choice if you’re looking for an accessible entry into the strategy genre.

You can also see video from TouchArcade’s livestream here!

iDownloadBlog also has a rundown of the action!

And last, but not least, Twit Picks has a video review here!

It’s actually a lot of fun. If you like turn-based real-time strategy games, this is a good one… Until Pixar and Khan Academy get together to do a game, this is the best fun out there.

Thanks, everybody, for all the positive feedback!

  • Hans Lad

    I miss my pygmies and their updates, please update!! Nooby is crying and rolling on the floor, and Ooga is trying to calm Nooby down!

  • Disappointed Guest

    What happened? The game just suddenly stopped getting updates, especially the android version. Please update your game.

  • Update Pocket God Android

    Please update the Android version

  • Bring Pcket God

    Please bolt creative update the Android version

  • Some Human

    Christ, this news feed is a ghost town



  • FakeWilfred

    Yeah, maybe that’s what happened. XD

  • FakeWilfred

    Yeah, they haven’t updated this site in a long while, but at least their company is still active. I hope they return someday.

    (This website shows that their company is still active, so that’s a good sign.)


  • Pirby

    I just recently found my old Ipod which had pocket god episode 39 still installed. came here to find the rapture only took the pocket god devs

  • JackHammerd05

    also, is this website dead? while I’ve been looking around, this stuff is dating back to 2015. did the place just die off randomly?

  • JackHammerd05

    I cant wait till this comes out on android. and I understand that it will take A LOT longer than when it comes out on IOS. u guys are working your hardest,so don’t give up… or forget about updates for the android but I wont push you =}

  • Ugly

    The ads in the original Pocket God game are awful. Totally kills the gameplay.

  • Jocab

    You should really fix the comic book online story, it hasn’t worked in like 30 years.

  • Bravo_073

    Whoa, i didnt think anyone other than me still checked this site

  • gummy

    please return 2 us

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