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Comic preview

As promised, we have a preview of the next comic issue, and as expected, Nooby has a pretty strong role in it!

In addition, also as mentioned in the last entry, Allan and Dave are still working on the newest Pocket God extravaganza. Allan has this to say:

Dave, currently, has been dealing with his own favorite issue: texture space (or graphic space) because of the insanely high resolution of the new iPad 2048x 1536. This is resulting in pretty huge pieces of art that have to dynamically load! The original Pocket God art was 480×320. The larger resolution also impacts how long art takes to design, by the way.

On Monday: More from Allan about his current work!

  • Potato

    Wheres our peanutbutter fish for the game?

  • Drek95

    When will this comic be out?

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