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Pygmy Profiles, Part 4 of 5

The profiles are practically proliferating!

Pygmy Profiles, Part 3 of 5

The Profiles press on!

Pygmy Profiles, Part 2 of 5

More Pygmies, More Profiles!

Also, if you haven’t seen what’s hatching in the toy department at Hatch, check it out now…

> > Fugus wanna have fun too! < <

Pygmy Profiles, Part 1 of 5

BRRR! It’s getting cold on Pocket God Facebook!

Pocket God Facebook is facing a Big Chill of its own! Winter may be blowing chunks all over the United States, but there’s an upside to it too: winter’s great for freezing Pygmies too! Living on a tropical island, they’re just not prepared for snow. So give ‘em a change of pace! Get your pygmies frozen solid and impale others with chilly shrapnel!

How do you get this power? All you have to do is complete the time-limited quests to get the CHILLY SNOW power for FREE! If you haven’t taken the time recently to zap ‘em with lightning that only a god can provide, do it now to induce your own personal climate change!

> > > Check out Pocket God Facebook today! < <

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