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Pygmy Profiles, Part 5 of 5

And last but not lost:

We started the Pygmy Profiles as a way to keep up interest in the comic, but it looks like we accidentally insinuated something was coming. All the same, we did hope to have something for you by this time anyway, but there’s been some behind-the-scenes drama that we hope to explain later this week.

In the meantime, yes, believe it or not, we have some action happening on Ooga Jump! It’s taken more time than we would have liked, definitely. For most of the year, Dave and Allan have had to do some other projects to keep food on the table, trying very hard to squeeze in more Pocket God-related work in their spare moments. We’re pretty excited about it, and with any luck you should see something new very soon.

Thanks for staying with us! We couldn’t ask for better, more patient fans than you.

Lonnie plays Ooga Jump!

Whoa! And again, whoa! How the heck did we miss this? This is pretty cool! Lonnie gives his hilarious take on “Ooga Jump”! Seriously, he’s completely funny and worth seeing twice, or three times, or heck, make it five times. You got something else going on?

And Lonnie, when monkeys rip your face off, we promise it isn’t personal. Monkeys are just made of 100% pure mutilation. Well, at least in this universe!

Thanks, Lonnie!

> > Check out his other reviews on YouTube! < <

You owe it to yourself! And to humanity. But primarily yourself.

Pygmy Profiles, Part 4 of 5

The profiles are practically proliferating!

Pygmy Profiles, Part 3 of 5

The Profiles press on!

Pygmy Profiles, Part 2 of 5

More Pygmies, More Profiles!

Also, if you haven’t seen what’s hatching in the toy department at Hatch, check it out now…

> > Fugus wanna have fun too! < <

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