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Pocket God … Revisited! Episodes 1 and 2

So we’ve got some Pocket God action brewing behind the scenes. Both Allan and Dave are putting their heads together, then immediately separating their heads as having two heads touching makes it really hard to concentrate on anything. Allan’s got art things going and Dave’s got programming things going and the Pygmies have SOMETHING going, but what it is we don’t know yet.

So in preparation, we’re going to take a walk around Memory Island and examine past episodes. Allan will contribute his present-day thoughts on past updates as we go along. Join us on our trek through Pocket God history!

Episode 1: Nowhere to Go, Nothin’ to Do

Description: Create new islanders and move them upward.

This is where it all began, back in the early days of 2009: little guys you can move around on an island, accompanied by goofy voices. The episode title was quite apt, as there weren’t many frills to this at the start. Allan elaborates:

One day Dave was helping me with installing memory on my laptop. Over lunch he asked me if I wanted to try to make a simple game with him. He had this idea based on a flash game we made where you were supposed to put little ones and zeroes in order, but we also made it so you could toss them around and they made funny little noises. He then said,”What if you had pygmies on an island that you could pick up and throw around?”

We started sketching ideas on a piece of printer paper, fleshing out the basic concept. We decided to keep it super simple and release it inside of a month. This was when apps came out that didn’t do a lot, such as faked drinking beer. I think all you could do is pick them up and throw them in the water. They would just walk around and stand.

I think that the episode title idea came up at the last minute (or maybe it was even after the first release) because we wanted to promise updates. Dave thought that would intrigue people. The title of this episode was a quote from an animated piece that came out after the internet bust called “Laid Off Land” by Odd Todd. Somewehere in the short, the narrator (Odd Todd) mused that before he was laid off that he would look around at these people just hanging around a coffee shop with “nowhere to go and nothing to do”…and now he’s one of those people. I always thought that was a funny line; so it’s the first thing that popped in my mind because at first there WAS nowhere to go and nothing to do in Pocket God.

Episode 2: Does this Megabyte Make My App Look Fat

Description: This update contained optimizations to make the app a smaller download.

So the question was… if they’ve got nowhere to go and nothing to do, where will we take them and what will they do? The answer was… nowhere and nothing. But nowhere was a lot faster, and nothing was a lot sleeker!

The first thing Dave noticed was that the game was way too big for the tiny amount of content…so he had to go in and optimize. Originally all the graphics were separate pieces, but generally games use “texture maps” where all the graphics are consolidated onto a single piece and the art is separated programatically.

There wasn’t really a significant art addition as far as I can remember.

So now with the app optimized and ready to roar, what would erupt next from the depths of Dave and Allan’s minds? And how would it shake up the world of Pocket God? Stay tuned, as we update “Pocket God … Revisited!” regularly on our way to a new and exciting development in the Pygmiverse!

The Zombie Pygmies return to Facebook!

The Zombie Event is LIVE at Pocket God Facebook for the next five days! The tombstone is beckoning from the unfathomable depths of Pygmy perdition to create leagues of brain-eating bad boys. In order to summon these starving souls, all you have to do is complete the five quests. Make the necessary sacrifices, and you can level up, gaining additional Pygmy treasures on the way!

With each stage, you gain a new piece of “Vampire Pygmy” wear until you become eligible to gain the last reward, the Tombstone device. Once you’ve gotten the device from the store, start digging the grave and drop a Pygmy in… and watch Zombie-mania take over!

The zombie will try to bite other Pygmies in order to zombify them… unless the other Pygmy has a hatchet, and then watch the tables turn. There are also other ways you can dispatch the dreaded undead; try flicking them or grabbing them and see what happens!

Get ready for Halloween this year by exerting your power over their lives, their deaths… and their undeaths!

Fun in the Swamp… on Facebook!

Pocket God Facebook is starting a new Toad Challenge! Complete the five challenges and you will win the Toad Idol!

As a reminder, toads can be scrumptious if you’re trapped on a solitary island, and the Pygmies know it. However, eating a toad has its own dire consequences! Plus, if you click on the toad, Pygmies might just find themselves on the other side of that food chain! Will the Pygmies devour… or BE DEVOURED?

Click on the toad to have him eat a Pygmy. Eventually, the Toad will either spit him out as a skeleton… or, if you click the toad again within five seconds while his cheeks are puffed, the Toad can spit him out as a helpless bubble! And what happens when you click that bubble? The mind reels at the thought!

Can you leap to the occasion? Can you hop to a new mastery of deification, warts and all, without croaking? Give it a try! The Challenge ends September 1!

More from Allan’s tumblr site!

If you haven’t been checking out Allan’s tumblr site, he’s been answering a lot of fan questions that you’ve all been wanting to know. Here’s a couple of samples:

kxohyeah asked:
Which pygmies are some of your favorites?

Allan: It’s easy to say Nooby is one of my favorites just because I love his childlike nature….although I think a few issues shows there more there than meets the eye.
But a few other favorites? Klak because I relate to underdogs and maybe feeling under appreciated. Teela too for similar reasons. I also like Moon because I think goth chicks are awesome!

I love Linsee though because I think it’s fun to write about irresponsible people. But of course since I helped come up with all the characters i’m attached to them all. And we were having a lot of fun coming up with new characters and hope we can get them out the door some day!

jazstan asked:
First off, hi! Amazing to have someone so COOL on tumblr :)So okay this question has been bugging me for a while now …. What is the name of the girl tribe? I mean the boys have “Tribe Ooga Chaka”, so what do the girls have? Thank you~! *♡*

Allan: It’s so funny we could never settle on anything. The whole tribe name thing only came up because Dave added that field into the iOS pocket god customization. It seemed to make sense.

But there were lots of suggestions…I can’t remember them anymore, but nothing felt right. Any suggestions?

If you have suggestions, or just want to give Allan a wave and a hello, drop him a line at his tumblr site! In the meantime, Allan has been working hard on animation for a new Pocket God update, so all your encouragement and kind words will keep him revved up! More later!

Allan has a tumblr site!

Hey folks! While Dave and Allan regroup and ponder potential Pocket God possibilities, we thought we might share this with you.

Ever wanted to see the story behind the story? Well, Allan has a tumblr site where he shares his art and thoughts. Some of it is Pocket God-related, and some is not, but there are some interesting insights all the same. There’s background art and animations from various projects. Also, Allan gives the skinny on what’s happened with Issue 26 of the Pocket God comic, so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Allan’s tumblr site can be found at allandye.tumblr.com, logically enough. Bookmark it to get all the latest Allan Dye moves!

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