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Sailing on the Failboat!

Long-time beta tester Failboat103 wrote to us and said:

My Pocket God series on my Youtube channel is still coming along, as I attempt to complete all of the challenges / achievements to be able to fully show off every feature in the game.

We checked it out ourselves, and it’s pretty sweet indeed.

> > Click here for some Epic Wins With Failboat! < <

Thanks very much!

Top 5 Rejected Ideas for Pocket God Updates

Hey everybody! Allan and Dave have recovered from their familial duties over the holidays and are working on a new crossover with Ooga Jump. In the meantime, enjoy this entirely inaccurate and fictional bit of absolutely real-except-for-what-we-made-up-which-is-all-of-it trivia:

5) The Katamari Damacy Pygmy

When lightning strikes a Pygmy, he rolls around the island and the ocean, absorbing everything in sight (including Dodo bombs), getting bigger all the time. Finally, when the Pygmy in question absorbed 100 dead Pygmies, he exploded, leaving body parts and entrails everywhere. The idea was quietly dropped.

4) The Pacific Rim tribute

Issues of scale came into play almost immediately; the minute the Pygmies created the giant robot, the island became smaller than a pixel, making the task of stomping specific Pygmies a bit of a challenge. The problem was almost solved by making the robots smaller than a palm tree, but by this time no one was feeling it.

3) The Filing Cabinet Island

An island of daring and excitement, as the Pygmies are expected to file several years of tax returns correctly, or the filing cabinets come to life and eat them! If they escape the filing cabinets, there’s always the Deadly Photocopier right around the corner to squirt them with cyan toner! Abandoned when Dave ate a really good breakfast one morning.

2) “Meet the Meat”

A huge meat grinder has landed on the island. Drop a Pygmy inside, crank the handle, and the Pygmy comes out as a Kardashian. At this point, the other Pygmies turn feral and tear it limb from limb. The idea was abandoned when no one could agree on what shape a meat grinder was.

And finally…

1) The “Identical Triangles” Skin

The slogan would have been “Turn the asteroid into a triangle! Turn the T-Rex into a triangle! Turn the Dodo… into another triangle! Everything looks like triangles as the Pygmies go minimalist-cubist!” After a long, long enforced rest, Dave and Allan decided against it.

… More less-fictional news as it comes in!

Happy New Year… with a fan art roundup!

To begin the New Year, we’ve got some new fan art that we’ve discovered at DeviantArt!

Altaroxee here displays one vision of how the Pocket God Pygmies would pair up!

> > See more of Altaroxee’s art here! < <

Elivix has brought together the entire PG world for a great ginormous group shot!

Here’s a comic featuring Sun and Ooga having a confrontation… let’s hope things improve between them!

> > See more of Elivix’s art here! < <

Fawnan displays the divided tribes of “The Pygmies Strike Back” quite evocatively! Great work!

Also, here’s a very cool, stylized picture of Sun attacking the seaweed monster!

> > See more of Fawnan’s art here! < <

KGCool gives us an example of why Nooby would never join the Men In Black!

> > See more of KGCool’s art here! < <

Kittdacatrulez honors us with a picture of Sun just chillin’ and hangin’.

> > See more of Kittdacatrulez’ art here! < <

Manchita1 says “I think it’s pretty obvious who I drew.” Yep! It’s Klik!

> > See more of Manchita1′s art here! < <

MysticFeather offers up some nicely pencilled sketches of “the Original Six” Pygmies!

Also, straight from Graveyard Island, here’s a Ghost Pygmy!

> > See more of MysticFeather’s art here! < <

And from SnookieVonPink123, who also provided the leading image of this post, a picture of Klik all prepared for a rainy day!

> > See more of SnookieVonPink123′s art here! < <

Thanks to everyone who provided fan art! If you’re an artist not mentioned here and have some fan art to show, let us know in the comments! Thanks again! Onward to 2014!

Wishing you a holiday season full of coconuts, dodos and violent T-Rexes

The Pocket God Comic on TVTropes

In case you haven’t seen it, the Pocket God comic has its own entry on TVTropes. The main app has had an entry for some time, but it’s very interesting how the comic also has its own entry.

> > Click here to read it! < <

Here are some our favorite entries:

Let’s Split Up, Gang: In “The Pygmies Strike Back”, the tribes split up. One group — Ooga, Sun, Nooby, Moon, Booga, and Kinsee — goes after whoever is sending the killer robots and the other group is going back to the boy’s island for safety. However before Klik’s group can leave, his Spirit Advisor tells them that Ooga’s group is walking into a trap. Klik instead leads his group deeper into the jungle to find a way to help Ooga’s group.

No Party Like a Donner Party: In issue 23, Ooga’s group has spent days trekking across the desert; with their food and water running low. Kinsee gets so hungry she considers eating the others. While they can always resurrect, they keep her from doing it because they don’t want to be cannibals.

Oxygenated Underwater Bubbles: In “A Quest Called Tribe”, the pygmies meet a tribe of anthromorphic crustaceans called Bubble Breathers. True to their name, they blow bubbles with their oxygenated saliva; which the pygmies use to breathe underwater.

Meanwhile, Issue 26 is in the inking stage, featuring the exciting climax of “The Pygmies Strike Back!” We’re hoping to get that out as soon as possible early next year!

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