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Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes coming soon!

A cool crossover will be coming to PlayStation! Luc Bernard introduces “Pocket God vs. Desert Ashes! Bernard, creator of Mecho Wars and Steam Pirates, has partnered with Dave and Allan to create a new mashup of his own Desert Ashes and Pocket God for the PlayStation!

Luc states:

In a way this title was always meant to happen. A few years ago I was reading a interview with Dave Castelnuovo, and I saw how much he had liked my old title Mecho Wars. Then I mentioned on Twitter that I was playing Pocket God, and Dave saw.

We both loved each others’ work, and I got to work with Bolt Creative at one point with both Dave and Alan and it was a fun experience.

So if you want to see how everyone’s favorite Pygmies will ascend to a new level of action, check out Luc’s blogpost. We will keep you posted as developments occur!

Pocket God Facebook Valentine Event!

Love to love ya Pygmy! The arrows are flying, heading right towards Pocket God Facebook for the Valentine’s Day event! Complete all the challenges to win the Fat Cupid Idol! Make as many noble sacrifices as you can, all in the name of love!

And now you can make even more sacrifices with the following specials: you can receive 30% more bones for the $100 package, 20% more bones for the $50 package, and 10% more bones for the $20 package. Get in, get lovestruck, and get cracking before the event ends on February 14!

Pocket God Facebook Winter Event is live!

Happy New Year, folks! If you’re cold as ice and willing to sacrifice some Pygmies, now’s the time to do it over at Facebook! If you complete all the quests by January 18, you’ll earn the “chilly snow” power! Use the coconut tree trap, the dangerous fridge, and the ever-reliable lightning! Remember, there’s five quests and five days to do it in!

> > Start your snow job now! < <

Homing in on the Holidays!

Here’s wishing all you awesome Pocket God fans all the fishiest riches for 2015! Thanks again for all your support and enthusiasm!

Exceptional Minds presents “Wrath of the Pocket God!”

Hey, everyone! This is an awesome animation from Erik Prothero at Exceptional Minds. It shows you just can’t be too complacent about the little guys in your iOS device. They may have ideas of their own!

Thanks to Erik and the folks at Exceptional Minds for their great work!

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