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Pygmy Profiles, Part 3 of 5

The Profiles press on!

Pygmy Profiles, Part 2 of 5

More Pygmies, More Profiles!

Also, if you haven’t seen what’s hatching in the toy department at Hatch, check it out now…

> > Fugus wanna have fun too! < <

Pygmy Profiles, Part 1 of 5

BRRR! It’s getting cold on Pocket God Facebook!

Pocket God Facebook is facing a Big Chill of its own! Winter may be blowing chunks all over the United States, but there’s an upside to it too: winter’s great for freezing Pygmies too! Living on a tropical island, they’re just not prepared for snow. So give ‘em a change of pace! Get your pygmies frozen solid and impale others with chilly shrapnel!

How do you get this power? All you have to do is complete the time-limited quests to get the CHILLY SNOW power for FREE! If you haven’t taken the time recently to zap ‘em with lightning that only a god can provide, do it now to induce your own personal climate change!

> > > Check out Pocket God Facebook today! < <

Pocket God Comic Word Search

So issue 26 should be upon us shortly, with the finale to “The Pygmies Strike Back,” but it occurred to us that we’ve made it to 25 issues of the Pocket God comic and not had some sort of tribute. So with that in mind, here is the Pocket God Comic Word Search. Have fun!

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